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P8 Outdoor Full-color LED Display

P8 Outdoor Full-color LED Display

P8 outdoor full-color LED display Product features: high ash high brush, direct sunlight still clear picture, the display effect is natural and real Application field: outdoor media, exhibition display, billboard, information display, building advertisement, station, airport, etc. Extremely......
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P8 outdoor full-color LED display

     Product features: high ash high brush, direct sunlight still clear picture, the display effect is natural and real

 Application field: outdoor media, exhibition display, billboard, information display, building advertisement, station, airport, etc.

 Extremely adaptable to the environment, outdoor all-weather work

 Module full seal design, module protection grade up to IP68; box protection grade IP65 (front);

 Super strong UV design;

 Whether in the corrosive seaside or in the sunny desert, can be durable use;


Display Features of P8 Outdoor Full-Color LED

     Display brightness adjustable

 Can adjust the brightness (600-8000nit) of display screen according to the change of environmental light, ensure the best viewing comfort and display effect of human eye, save energy and environmental protection, greatly reduce your running cost.

 Multiple measures to ensure uniform brightness

 The choice of LED lamp and chip has strict quality control, at the same time can be equipped with bright color correction, to ensure the brightness of the product, color uniformity, for you to show the perfect picture.

 Excellent display effect

 The horizontal angle of view reaches 150°, and the effective viewing range of advertisement is enlarged, and the effect of watching is better.

 High refresh rate (≥1000Hz), high grayscale (14bits), high contrast (3000: 1), delicate and soft display


Advantages of P8 outdoor full-color LED display

 With high gray and high brush, the screen is clear and bright under direct sunlight, and the display effect is natural and real. Each module is corrected by point brightness and chroma, brightness and color are uniform.

 High waterproof and dustproof grade (pre-IP65), strong wind and seismic resistance, suitable for extreme severe weather

 Smoothness: whole screen:≤ ±1mm seams between modules:≤1mm

 Viewing distance: 8-200m, display clearly visible

 Image adjustment: contrast / hue adjustment / single module luminance adjustment


Installation steps and instructions for the use of P8 full Color led display screen

 The main contents are as follows: 

1) the ledp8 outdoor large screen installation first assembles the aluminum profile material, installs the display screen unit board from the bottom up, from the right to the left, the unit board height can be adjusted by the disk nut of the four corners.

2) p8 install switch power supply, fix the power source to the suitable position inside the profile, put the power supply on the profile below the display screen, connect the 5V power supply of the switch power supply to the power outlet of the unit board, pay attention to the positive and negative pole of the power supply can not be connected inversely.

3) installation of P8 large screen receiving card: the receiving card is installed on the right side of the frame of LED display screen, and the power supply and the signal line between the receiving card and the unit board are well connected, and the unit board is connected with the display screen in the order of right to left.

4) the installation of receiving card and sending card of led color screen p8 control card: the receiving card and sending card of LED display screen are installed according to the corresponding socket, fixed with screws, and connected with flat wire between display card and sending card. Insert CD-ROMs into CD-drive for automatic installation, please follow the prompt.

5) the steps of installation of P8 outdoor full-color led display box:

The first step is to open the outer cover of the box, remove the pearl cotton, and move out of the box.

The second step, open anti-static tape, check the appearance of the box, any damage.

Step 3, open the back cover of the box, check all screws, wiring, power cord connector loosening, shedding.

Precautions in case installation:

A, move the box to pay attention to light hold, the ground layer (paper or carpet), to prevent bumps, scratches, falls, etc.

When installing the box with bp8led, it is absolutely not allowed to strike the box with iron hammer and other ironware items, and to carry on the construction with the barbaric way such as foot kick.

6) Detection of led color screen p8 screen power supply system (distribution cabinet, switch power supply inside the box)

A, detect fire line L and zero line N, ground wire FG, short circuit.

B, detect whether zero line N and ground wire FG short circuit, resistance value should be ∞.

C,5V power supply with GND (30 ~ 50 Ω) and ground line FG, fire line L, zero line N is short circuit, the resistance value should be ∞.

D, detect whether the receiving board GND and the ground line FG, fire line L, zero line N short circuit, the resistance value should be ∞.

E, detect the output 5V GND of each power supply whether short circuit, the resistance value should be 30 ~ 50 Ω.

7) the ledp8 outdoor large screen installation should pay attention to:

After installation of a P8 display screen, the screen body should take good measures to prevent lightning strike. The main distribution input is connected with the arrester.

Live operation (especially 220 V input and output ports) is strictly prohibited on the bP8 LED display.

C, the transmission system does not support hot-plug, must be unplugged after the power line, and then plug in the connection between the various devices.

D, the display box hoisting process, must be firmly fixed before hoisting. At the same time, to prevent the box in the hoisting process of collision, resulting in damage to display products.

During the assembly process, workers should take good safety measures (wearing safety helmets, seatbelts and other protective products).

F. when disassembling control system board and other equipment, we should pay attention to anti-static (with anti-static gloves)

The outdoor full-color LED display screen has a large area. The design of its steel structure should consider many factors, such as foundation, wind load, magnitude, waterproof, dustproof, environmental temperature, lightning protection and so on. Distribution cabinets, air conditioning, axial flow fans, lighting and other auxiliary equipment should be placed in the steel structure. The whole ledp8 outdoor large screen structure should conform to the protection level below IP65. Generally divided into hanging, seat is the most common.

Install outdoor full color display on platform or post. The columns are divided into columns and double columns. Besides the steel structure of screen body, concrete or steel columns should be made, and the geological condition of foundation should be considered.

P8 installation considerations:

(1) ledp8 outdoor big screen is installed outdoors, often basking in rain, wind blowing dust cover, bad working environment. If the electronic equipment is wet or seriously dampened, it will cause short circuit or even fire, and cause damage.

(2) the installation of P 8 screen may be attacked by strong magnetic field caused by lightning.

(3) the ambient temperature varies greatly. When the P8 outdoor full-color led screen works, it will produce certain heat. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is bad, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even be burned down. As a result, the display system does not work properly.

(4) wide view, wide visual distance and wide visual field, and great changes of ambient light, especially the possibility of direct sunlight.

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