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P10 Outdoor Football Stadium LED Display

P10 Outdoor Football Stadium LED Display

P 10 outdoor full color LED display screen is mainly used for outdoor high density screen display, waterproof, wind-proof and dustproof....
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Features of P10 Outdoor football stadium led display


Rubber on top and soft mask,cupper legs design is perfect for football stadium led panel.Easy to move and install and also protect the screen from ball hiting or damage.

High protection, dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant function

  pecial outdoor independent waterproof module and excellent sealing waterproof box, do not have to worry about water vapor erosion screen with unique mask design, dustproof, waterproof and corrosion proof, protection grade to IP67.

Super high resolution, bright color with high contract ratio.

  With the breakthrough of outdoor high definition led screen, the outdoor screen is becoming larger and larger, the resolution of the whole screen reaches a higher level, so it can more perfect performance of high-definition picture quality and rich color.

Energy saving and environmental protection, high performance-price ratio

  Energy saving driving IC with high efficiently PSU and brightness is adjustable automatically,mostly importantly material of led is energy-saving product.

Ultra widely viewing angle

  120 °wide angle of view, super wide angle of view, view position as you wish.

Seamless splicing

  Perfect cabinet design without any gap, there is no obvious gap between the cabinets.

P10 Outdoor led display Application Environment

  Education and publicity: School area and training agency and other interactive systems. 

  Public places:  airports, railways, subways, highways, libraries, museums, shopping malls, etc. 

  Business presentations: TV studios, commercial exhibitions, hotel lobbies, enterprises. 

  Government departments: convenient publicity, business guidelines, public affairs.

We are the most professional led manufacturer in China and branch company in Sweden with famous reputation brand,which produce and offer high-end quality product for LED screen market.

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