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Visual Angle Of The Display
May 24, 2018

The viewing angle of the liquid crystal display is symmetric, but the top and bottom are not necessarily symmetrical. When the incident light of the backlight passes through the polarizer, the liquid crystal, and the alignment film, the output light has a specific directional characteristic, that is, most of the light emitted from the screen has a vertical direction. If you look at a completely white picture from a very oblique angle, you may see black or distorted colors. In general, the upper and lower angles are less than or equal to the left and right angles. If the viewing angle is 80 degrees left and right, it means that the screen image can be clearly seen when the screen is at a position of 80 degrees from the normal of the screen. However, due to the different scope of human vision, if you do not stand in the best viewing angle, you will see errors in the color and brightness. In the market, the viewing angle of most liquid crystal displays is around 160 degrees. With the development of science and technology, some manufacturers have developed a variety of wide viewing angle technologies in an attempt to improve the viewing angle characteristics of liquid crystal displays.