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The Main Application Of The Display
May 24, 2018

The concept of display has not been unified yet, but its understanding is mostly the same. As its name implies, it should be a display tool that displays a certain electronic file on the screen through a specific transmission device and reflects it on the human eye.

Broadly speaking, the large screens, TVs, BSV LCD screens, mobile phones, and quick-reading screens that are everywhere on the streets are all categories of displays, and generally refer to the display devices connected to the host computer.

Its application is very extensive. It is as large as satellite monitoring and as small as watching VCD. It can be said that in modern society, its figure is everywhere. Its structure is generally a circular base plus a fuselage. With the continuous development of color display technology, Some other shapes of monitors have appeared but not many applications.

As a person who is constantly in touch with a computer, the display must be the one he has to face for a long time. Everyone will have this feeling. When you look at an object for a long time, the eyes will feel very tired and the monitor will be the same. It produces images through a series of circuit designs, so it must produce radiation and hurt the human eye.