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Next,LED Display To Take The High Quality Development Way!
Dec 04, 2018

   After the 19th university, "high-quality development" has become a high frequency word in all walks of life.The same is true in the LED display industry.Especially with the accelerated pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, the optimization of the entire upstream and downstream industrial chain is increasingly urgent. "high-quality development" of products, technologies, services and other aspects has become the primary development strategy of the industry.1543887308(1)

"Grasp the gate of life" is the quality of development

    With the development of the industry, the product line, production and other aspects of the current screen enterprises in the industry are relatively perfect, the industry exhibition can see that many screen enterprises' products basically cover from conventional products to small spacing, transparent screen, special-shaped screen and other products.Not only the current screen enterprise market development strategy is also diversified, most screen enterprises are leasing, landscape, sports, channels and other legs to walk.This situation is due to the recent years in the industry screen enterprises in different areas of scientific layout, which is conducive to the screen enterprises to expand the market, but also relatively dispersed the resources of the screen enterprises.

   And can't be screen "quality development" enterprise of products, technologies, solutions, and overall optimization market development strategy, can only be "to the point with surface", focus on screen companies first fist products, technologies, and the main market for high quality optimization, better in the terminal market to create a strong corporate image, the profound mastery of "the law of the niche nature", is the next screen at the core of the enterprise fast to achieve high quality growth.


Think about high-quality development in the future

   With the continuous improvement of led screen packaging technology and spacing technology, "the marginal cost of hard technology innovation will be higher and higher in the future, and the economic benefits will decrease".Any product or industry will sooner or later face the technical ceiling effect.Micro led \Mini led still has a long way to go, and the technological innovation intensity of small space is dropping. Some screen enterprises with high light in the industry have begun to shift the direction of innovation from technology and products to applications and markets.It is certain that "applied creativity" will be a major direction of industrial competition in the future.

   In addition, with the environment of enterprise product patents, intellectual products, services and other soft power requirements are more and more high, and intellectual property rights in the future international competition in the great role.With the "sense of the future" of the industry screen enterprises also began early planning, and even now some screen enterprises in the industry to seize the concept of "sharing" to create operational LED sharing large screen, etc., are in the enterprise's grasp of the future trend.Although it is not certain that you will succeed, as long as you try, there is hope.

In a word, "the more one can grasp the future trend, the more one can win the future".This is also the starting point of high-quality development, is the key to enterprise growth.Creative application, intellectual property strategy, operation-level led large screen sharing economy, and more innovative development of enterprise screen enterprises are all layout of "high-quality development" of screen enterprises in the future.

   At present, high-quality development has become the key "baton" of domestic economic transformation and upgrading.Under the joint efforts of policy, technology, innovation, capital and market demand, led display industry should take the lead in "high-quality development", so that China's led display industry in the world is not only large, but also strong!