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Maintenance Of CRT Display
May 24, 2018

1, anti-high temperature: kinescope as a display of heat dissipation, high temperature will greatly shorten the life of the display, other components will also accelerate aging, CRT display placed in a better ventilation environment, it is best to place the monitor with air conditioning In the room, or fan blowing, to extend the life of the monitor.

2, moisture: humidity on the monitor's life expectancy is very large, the ambient humidity is best kept between 30% - 80%, when the humidity exceeds 80%, the display will produce condensation inside, power transformers and other coil moisture After the leakage occurs, the high-voltage package can easily cause discharge in the case of high humidity, and moisture may rust and corrode other components inside the machine. When the humidity is lower than 30%, it will cause static interference in the mechanical friction part of the monitor, and the possibility of electrostatic destruction of internal components, especially the high-voltage package, increases. Therefore, the monitor does not need to be periodically energized for a period of time to operate the device. The flooded away.

3, anti-glare: under the irradiation of strong light, the body is easy to aging yellow, accelerated aging of the tube phosphor, reduce the luminous efficiency, resulting in the use of the display brightness, contrast have to be adjusted very high, the result is further accelerated imaging The aging of the tube filaments and phosphors greatly shortens the life of the display. Therefore, do not place the monitor in a place with strong sunlight or light. It is best to place the monitor in a place where there is weak sunlight or no light, or where the light must pass, hang a dark cloth. Reduce light intensity.