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How The Display Works
May 24, 2018

Liquid crystal is liquid crystal and it is a very special material. It flows like a liquid and has some of the optical properties of crystals. The liquid crystal was discovered in 1888 by the Austrian botanist Reinitzer. It is an organic compound with a regular arrangement of molecules between a solid and a liquid. The arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules has a certain order, and the order is to external conditions such as temperature, The change of the electromagnetic field is very sensitive. Under the action of the electric field, the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules will change, which affects its optical properties. This phenomenon is called the electro-optic effect.

Generally, alignment films are arranged on two glass substrates, and the liquid crystals are aligned along the trenches. Since the alignment grooves of the glass substrate are deviated by 90°, the molecules in the liquid crystal are arranged in the same plane as the blinds, and the molecules are aligned. When the column transitions from one liquid surface to another, it will gradually twist 90°, which means that the two molecules are arranged 90° out of phase. The most commonly used liquid crystal type is a nematic liquid crystal (nem different type of display), and its molecular shape is an elongated rod shape with a length and width of about 1-10 nm (1 nm=10 Am). Under the action of different current electric fields, liquid crystal molecules do. The rules are rotated 90 degrees to create a difference in transmittance, so that the difference between light and dark is generated by the power on and off. By controlling each pixel by this principle, the desired image can be formed.

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