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Five Characteristics Of Outdoor Media
Dec 06, 2018

It is not hard to see that only two categories of advertising have maintained double-digit growth in the overall decline: the Internet and outdoor media represented by video buildings.Outdoor media has a strong irreplaceability among many media, which is embodied in the following aspects:3d12a099631afc8cdc199702ef3ffa44_1470967097976735

1. Exclusive space resources.Outdoor media are attached to a specific urban public space. The uniqueness and non-renewable geographical location determine the exclusivity of each outdoor media.Local governments have made strict plans for setting up outdoor media and approved or monitored them according to the plan, which ensures the scarcity of space location and the exclusivity of outdoor media from the perspective of laws and regulations.Therefore, the monopolization of scarce urban space resources of outdoor media, has a certain monopoly effect.

2. Adhesion of life track.The outdoor media is skillfully set up according to the trajectory of citizens' travel and life outside their homes, which is highly cohesive and accompanied.In the case that does not waste citizen time, do not bear any charge, outdoor advertisement adds interest for the spatiotemporal experience that citizen is outside the home, or provide some kind of convenience, add value when citizen goes out, for the scene that citizen passes through outside the home, wait, recreational adds luster.Outdoor media is the stretching and extension of people's senses and body outside the home, the emotional station of people outside the home, and the public expression of the city.

3. Straightforward advertising communication.People's attention wandering in the outdoors, modern multi-tasking, if not in a second at first sight, it is difficult to be concerned.Outdoor advertising emphasizes the appeal of the first glance, simple and straightforward outdoor advertising can let a person at a glance.Outdoor media are pure advertising carriers and emotional media that communicate instantly with the audience, which is obviously different from TV, newspapers, Internet and other information media that emphasize content.4. Matching of urban functions.Outdoor media is not only ornament of urban space, brighten and beautify the city buildings, roads, squares thereof within the facade and space, the majority of outdoor media itself is street furniture or landscape sketch, can vividly shelters, light boxes, YueBaoLan, signs and other street furniture, warm bus, subway and other public transport platform, lead urban fashion pulse of life.

5. Multi-dimensional compatible platform.Communication technologies are changing with each passing day, new media are emerging in an endless stream, the boundaries of media are melting and hypermedia are being bred.Because outdoor media is the occupation and application of physical space, it can be compatible with everything, but also can be demolished and rebuilt. Any appropriate new media and new communication technology can be directly used and immediately applied.

In the age of pan-media, anytime and anywhere communication becomes possible.In the construction of livable cities and smart cities, outdoor media are playing an irreplaceable role in the innovation of setting up interesting street facilities and creating humanized public Spaces.Outdoor media, which occupies the advantage of space and landing, can not only be close to but also guide local residents at various consumption sites. It can become the terminal platform and local base station integrating various media and play the most core role in integrated marketing.