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Why are small spacing LED screens so popular with customers?
Dec 03, 2018

Small spacing LED displays are popular with customers, mainly in the following aspects.

1. High reliability.As a high-end product, small spacing LED display screen must have good quality and low failure rate. It is better to have dual backup functions of power supply and signal system, so that customers can rest assured to buy without worries.

2. Compatibility with peripheral devices should be considered for products with small spacing LED display screen.At present, the small-spacing display market is mainly to replace LCD and DLP markets, which requires compatibility with the original signal source, power interface and video source.Stand in the user's point of view, for users to save replacement costs.

How to create the best LED display for customers to experience

3. Easy installation of small spacing LED display screen.Small spacing LED display screen to solve the problem of precision in the structure, in the installation can achieve rapid installation, seamless Mosaic.In addition, pre-installation and pre-maintenance can be used to achieve rapid installation and maintenance.

How to create the best LED display for customers to experience

4, small spacing LED screen to beautiful atmosphere.Any product with good customer experience must be beautiful in appearance, and LED screen is no exception.Small spacing LED screen appearance is beautiful, smooth lines, to ensure the Mosaic of large screen has a good visual experience.The installation of hanging wall can avoid heavy and ugly steel structure and make the display more beautiful and fresh.Shenzhen yiping optoelectronics focuses on the research and development of indoor small space display screen and rental screen.