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What are the Infinite Design advantages of Full-color LED display
Nov 22, 2018

    With the advent of modern Internet technology, electronic devices are becoming more and more wireless and remote, and the full-color LED display screen is also controlled remotely as other display devices. It greatly facilitates the transmission of data between the display screen and ensures the correctness, consistency and efficiency of the data. The main feature of wireless LED display screen is that it is distributed in real time, not limited by distance, and easy to maintain. Among them, the more obvious are mainly reflected in the following aspects:3JP}{(%UUW4C`GTA7P1LSXK

1. The network scale is large: the content in the traditional LED display screen can only be transmitted through the computer serial port data, the conventional LED display screen will be limited in quantity and scale, and the information released by the wireless LED display screen can be published through DTU. The use of TCP/IP network transmission protocol or sms SMS protocol, can make the number of terminal network is no longer limited. 

2. Real-time information release: in the past, the conventional LED display can only display the information stored inside the controller, but now the infinite LED display screen can receive the information you want from the information center whenever it needs to release new information. 

3, not limited by distance: the LED electronic display used to be used only for a short period of time, but the distance is only tens of meters. Now the wireless LED display is nationwide. As long as the design of unlimited 3G network coverage can be used at will, will not be limited by distance. 

4, easy to install and maintain: the installation of wireless LED display screen does not need to lay optical cable and communication cable, the location is also easy to choose, and the modular design of the product is convenient for maintenance and maintenance, so it will be extremely convenient when installed.

    However, in many cases, the system design principle of full-color LED display screen will also be involved, which includes: 

1, advanced: mobile wireless communication system using computer Internet resources, LED screen controls the information distribution system of wireless LED display screen and the terminal equipment of advanced system software platform. 

2, practicability: the operation of the whole system is simple and convenient, which fully embodies the characteristics of fast communication, which is convenient for operators to process and issue information, and for management to understand all kinds of data and statistical information in time. 3. Reliability: the information distribution system of wireless LED display screen is used in a special environment, so as to ensure the stability of the system as much as possible. 

4, confidentiality: for the system management and strict authority management, must hold the permission key to carry on the access, the monitoring. And control operations to ensure system security.

     Wireless full-color LED display screen is based on making full use of the Internet, the system is convenient and simple, it can guarantee the relative stability of the system work, only the key of permission can be accessed, the confidentiality is extremely high, the number of terminals is very high, and the system is automatically enhanced. The above introduction about the full color LED display wireless design features and key points, hope to better help the majority of users.