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Reasonable selection and planning of installation location of full-color LED display screen
Feb 13, 2019

1. Adopt the brightness adjustment system that can be automatically adjusted by the system

We know that the brightness of the environment varies greatly at different times and places during the day and night. If the display brightness of full-color LED screen is greater than 60% of the ambient brightness, we will obviously feel that our eyes are not adapted to it. In other words, it causes light pollution to people.Through the outdoor brightness acquisition system, at any time to the environment brightness acquisition.The display panel control system automatically converts the display brightness suitable for the environment through receiving system data and software.

2. Multi-level gray correction technology

Ordinary full-color LED display system USES 8bit color display hierarchy, so that the color is stiff in some low grayscale and color transition.Also can cause the color light not to adapt.The new full-color LED display control system adopts 14bit color display hierarchy, greatly improving the hardness of color in transition.So that people can feel soft color when watching.Avoid discomfort with light.

3. Reasonable selection of installation location and reasonable planning of full-color LED display area

The viewing distance, viewing Angle and display area have an experience planning, and the image research has specific design requirements on the viewing distance and viewing Angle of full-color LED display screen.Full color LED display design should be as far as possible to meet the design requirements, reasonable planning.