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LED TV will become the next main market
Sep 05, 2013

Until recently, people went for a movie to a nearby theater for entertainment. The use of LED technology in a television allows for slightly different viewing. The size of a television screen using LEDs is limited to 40 inches or greater thus the screen is much larger than those of other TV types.

However, the screen is slimmer and sleeker in depth. Typically, a LED television with LEDs along the perimeter of the screen cost less than a TV with back-lit LEDs. Using LEDs around the edges of a TV allows for an even narrower screen option. Yet, a back-lit LED television screen allows for local dimming in which darker blacks are created when LEDs are shut off. The LED screen has allowed for the capabilities of larger, wider screens. These LED screens are composed of many LEDs combined to form small dots or pixels. A color LED screen has three colors of LED pixels. The pixels are red, green, and blue. When put together, these pixels form white.

LED TVs are equipped with USB ports to which we can connect a USB jump drive to display pictures and video right on our LED TV screen. These televisions offer a brighter picture while at the same time being able to produce a better contrast ratio. A significant improvement of the LED displays over the LCD ones is the longer life span. With increasing costs of all resources in the world market, all the consumers of HDTV are equally concerned about the advantages and money savings that they make with every purchase.