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LED screen will be strongly involved in daily life
Dec 14, 2018

Walking on the streets of shenzhen, or sitting in a crowded bus, do you see all kinds of screens playing advertisements or government announcements? LED screens will strongly intervene in our daily life.Various LED screens have become the new favorite of media.The text of LED advertisement with different sizes can be seen everywhere in the bus carriage, the rear window and overhead light of taxi, and the building outside the shopping mall. Moreover, the speed of innovation is getting faster and faster, which gradually modifies life in a three-dimensional direction.

In the film, the boundless imagination recreates the classic game images of the red and white machine era, such as bee, brick breaking, frog crossing the river, pac-man and so on.However, it's not just an idea on screen, the real world is being invaded by pixelated monsters in ways you never thought possible...

LED screen popularity at the same time, but also produce a series of problems, the most important is the problem of light pollution!Only when LED the occupation of the earth, panic is not a human, but the LED itself, how to servo the leaders of the planet, decide their future and the future, any application is to be born, information also have good bad, how to give the audience the most suitable and most intuitive information, this is JCH lights must solve the problem of beauty.