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LED screen wall advantages
May 24, 2018

1, modular design, easy installation and maintenance.

2. All-aluminum structure module weighs only about one-third of the conventional display screen and has good weather resistance.

3, transparent design, does not affect the rear of the screen body ventilation and lighting, wind resistance is small.

4, energy saving and environmental protection, without auxiliary cooling equipment, natural air-cooled, no noise.

5, more suitable for making large area display.

6. Designed for interior and exterior installations that value distance viewing and transparency.

7, quick installation, light transmission, ventilation, pixel pitch larger, cost-effective.

8, bright colors, fast response, good display, high reliability, long life, and environmental protection and energy saving;

9, the whole screen without fan design, no noise, low power consumption, can be used in the temperature range of -30 °C ~ 60 °C.

10, the screen body is made of vertical strips or grids, the size can be arbitrarily adjusted.

11, easy production, maintenance, good heat dissipation, high stability.

12, mainly for indoor and outdoor concerts to do the background, building walls, advertising screens, nightclubs, dance halls and so on.