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LED full color screen what four colors?
Dec 04, 2018

LED full-color display can improve the color expression, so that a higher brightness of self expression!


   LED full color screen what "four colors"?LED full color screen four colors: red, blue, green three colors are the base color, and then through the combination of red and green to form yellow, red and blue combination to form purple red, blue and green blue-green, three colors together to form white.To enrich the colors, add a middle color to the three primary colors.


LED full color screen color mixing principle


   If the increase in white is not a fault of its color performance did not change, brightness increased;Increase the fuchsia or cyan color but increase the color level, but not enough brightness;Therefore, the intermediate color, which can not only represent the energy chromaticity but also improve the brightness, was selected as the auxiliary color, changing from the original state of three pixels to the state of four pixels.


   Yellow can be produced by combining red and green, so both can be ignored.Yellow wavelength has its advantages, can make the picture more vivid, so added yellow, make it a unique technology.The penetration of yellow is more penetrating, making the picture we see brighter and more vivid.