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LED curtain wall production process
May 24, 2018

1. Insert the light: Insert the led light into the PCB light board. The PCB manufacturer has the public board to sell, or you can design it yourself.

2, patch: the IC, resistors, capacitors and other components affixed to the drive board, automatic machine patch high efficiency, you can also hand patch.

3, the package: the PCB lamp and drive into the plastic kit (mold shell), fixed with a row of pins.

4. Pouring glue: The outdoor module needs to be waterproof. Fill the silicone in the mold shell and install the cover. It is a semi-finished product module.

5, module aging: module aging is the performance of the led color screen screen test, the general time is 24 hours.

6, box assembly: The module is assembled into a led screen screen box, installed power, connected to the power cord, cable, cable, is the finished box.

7, screen assembly: the box assembled as a led screen screen display, power, lighting, debugging, aging (48 hours).

8, finished product shipments: guide installation, commissioning.