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Internal cleaning of the display
May 24, 2018

Internal cleaning to remove dust inside, must be professional operation, do not open the monitor back cover, if the power before the display is not long before the time, there will be residual high pressure on the graphite layer and high voltage cap in the front of the picture tube, then this high pressure supply The energy is enough to hurt people. Please use short thick plastic wire to short circuit the inner edge of the display board and the inside of the high pressure cap to release the residual charge to avoid serious consequences. When dusting the inside of the monitor, disconnect the monitor from the power supply. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four corners of the monitor and remove the monitor rear cover. First use the paint brush to clean the monitor. The main parts of the dust removal are the picture tube, the high-voltage package and the kinescope rear circuit board. In addition, the picture tube is a glass device. Be careful to damage it. The display's retina circuit board is inserted in the rear tube holder of the kinescope. Some of the view-receiving circuit board plugs are attached to the rear tube holder of the kinescope. Forcibly pulling it may damage the kinescope. note.