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Indoor LED transparent screen characteristics and common selection
Dec 03, 2018

  Above all, indoor LED transparent screen does not need to have waterproof, windproof wait for a requirement commonly.It is usually used in concerts, TV stations and shopping malls.The following focuses on indoor LED transparent screen to introduce in detail, and selection requirements.

  Because it is indoor, according to the brightness demand is not high, generally at about 2000 CD / ㎡.This is very easy to understand, for example: usually, the screen of our mobile phone is fixed at a certain brightness, which can be clearly seen when used indoors. However, when we go out, we find that the brightness is too dark to see clearly, so we need to adjust the brightness of the screen at this time.

  Indoor transparent LED screen project general not big, a lot of more than 100 ㎡.In addition, the viewing distance is relatively close and the screen display effect is higher, so the 3.9/7.8 model will be selected.