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How to distinguish the quality of full-color LED display is up to standar
Dec 05, 2018

   LED display is very common in the digital age, which adds many colorful neon lights and shadows to the world.LED display is the favorite of most people, which has prompted a certain demand for the market, LED display into a new stage of development to a new level of development.The display effect of LED screen is directly related to users and audiences. In order to achieve a perfect user experience, the quality of LED screen needs to be controlled and improved.


How to select LED display?Select LED display indicator?

   Now, with the progress of social science and technology and the development of outdoor advertising, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor media, so LED large screen began to surface.LED large screen is the perfect combination of science and technology and media, the application of products involves financial securities, sports, airports, railways, stations, road traffic, commercial advertising, post, telecommunications and many other fields.How to choose a good quality LED screen, is a lot of buyers need to consider the problem.So, in order to meet the requirements of outdoor display, outdoor full-color LED screen should have what elements?


1. High-definition display effect

   As the main carrier of video advertising communication, outdoor full-color LED display screen needs to have high-definition display effect.This includes high resolution, high brightness, high contrast and so on, high resolution to ensure the high quality of the advertising screen can be well presented;High brightness ensures that the picture can be clearly displayed under direct sunlight;High contrast is a strong guarantee of uniform color and fine image.

2. Low energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction

   Outdoor full-color LED screen must be called for by the government, and energy saving and emission reduction must be taken as an important standard in manufacturing, including product power consumption, product scattering performance and steel structure required for product installation.Full-color LED display price


3. Wide viewing area from a large perspective

   The main task of outdoor full-color LED screen is to advertise and publicize the image. Therefore, the primary goal of outdoor full-color LED screen is to let more audiences see the picture. It adopts large-angle design to cover the viewing Angle to the largest extent.

4. High protection level

   Due to its outdoor use, the weather environment must be taken into account. Only when the outdoor full-color LED display screen reaches the protection level of IP67 can it fully adapt to all kinds of bad weather, so as to ensure that the outdoor LED display screen has a strong weathering resistance, can it be used for a long time and ensure that the customer's profit reaches the maximum.


   A good outdoor full-color LED display, must have a combination of the elements of the above four aspects, in addition to the outdoor advertising display solutions, as product advantage is not only relying on the hd display, low energy consumption, controllable adjust Angle, IP67 protection grade, etc, have their own demanding more fully, will not affect the architectural appearance of aesthetic design, outdoor advertising media to be in presented on its own.