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How to choose the indoor LED display screen? These considerations must be considered
Nov 19, 2018

More and more led screens are coming into the room, especially large hotels and supermarkets. What are the requirements for large hotels to choose indoor full-color screens? in the indoor environment, large full-color electronic display screens with an area of more than 5 tons mainly have general rear projection, DLP (digital LCD projection and LED display screen. The advantages of rear projection display are small pixels, high sharpness, low brightness, small angle of view, short life of lens lamp (only several thousand hours). The advantages of plasma stitching are also small pixels, high definition, the disadvantage is that there are stitches, at present, the minimum stitching can reach 1 mm. Rear projection and plasma display screen for closer viewing. The advantages of led display screen are high brightness, no stitching, the disadvantage is that the pixel particles are coarse and the definition is low. The density z of the commercial indoor full-color led display screen is P4, that is, the 62500 pixel / meter 2.led display screen is suitable for viewing indoor places far away. Powerful Giant Color teaches you to choose LED display items to choose LED indoor display, mainly from the following aspects. Real pixels and virtual pixels. Just like outdoor full color screen, indoor full color screen has two kinds of pixels: real pixel and virtual pixel. 2 tube core. Good core can guarantee the quality of LED 3 package form. The LED surface form of indoor LED display screen has single lamp, subsurface sticker, three splice one table sticker and three in one table sticker and so on, the appearance is also different. The advantages of table-mount package are large angle of view, good consistency of luminescence, easy automatic welding processing, which is the mainstream of full-color LED screen, but now the price is relatively high; the single lamp angle of view is relatively small, the brightness is slightly higher, and the price is lower. The sub-table patch is actually one of the single lamps. Single lamp and sub-table sticker are cheaper, is a transitional product. 4 density. Because indoor full-color LED chip has more heat and higher density of control circuit, the point density of commercialized full-color screen can not be very high. 5 driving mode. Indoor full-color LED display is driven by constant current, using dynamic scanning mode (1 / 4 / 1 / 8 scanning mode). With the same core, 1 / 4 scan uses more circuitry and higher brightness.