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HD LED Screen Bring Us New Market And Chance for Smart Meeting
Nov 01, 2018

Meeting are the most important thing in today's business activities.

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Business Review of the Harvard reports that approximately 4 million hours a day are spent in group meetings in the UK, with an average of 1,100 group meetings per day in the United States. Each executive has a formal meeting time of 3.5 hours per day, while informal time is 1 hour. As the saying goes: "Foreigners have more taxes and Chinese people have more meetings." It is even more shows that Chinese people have more meetings.

Holding today’s meeting will destroy many resources, but sometimes the outcome of the meeting will be counterproductive and will not produce the desired results.

In the future reform conference, how to ensure the quality of the conference, while keeping the relevant time cost and cost within the ideal range, reducing the wear and tear of conference organizers and participants will become a topic. The common thinking of the entire industry. .

In order to fully and effectively utilize resources, people have explored a new type of conference mode---intelligent conference.

What is a smart meeting?

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Smart meetings are a new type of efficient meeting.

In the process of interpersonal interaction, 55%~60% of the validity information depends on the visual effect, 33%~38% depends on the sound, and only 7% depends on the content, so the performance of mono is far from enough to participate in modern conferences. Claim. Modern intelligent meetings have already appeared in front of us. It consists of high-quality audio signals, high-definition video movies and images, physical data and accurate data representations, integrating a practical and efficient control system.

The intelligent conference consists of a voice device, a sound system, a terminal display system and an intelligent central control system.

In a smart display terminal, a projector is usually used. The projector provides great convenience for conference activities, but the projector has its own shortcomings and shortcomings that cannot be overcome.

In the projector conference, because the brightness of the projection is not enough, the speaker needs to close all the doors and windows, so that the display on the projection screen is clearly visible, which will darken the room, the environment is bad, and the conference information can become more powerful. More effective communication.

The economics of the projector is indeed very extensive at the conference, but its role is very simple. It can't realize information fusion and communication of multiple terminals, and the image is not very clear. For bright colors, it can't be perfect. In fact, many customers usually have more PPT files when they have a meeting, and they have high requirements for graphics, sound and images.

The role of small LED tones in smart meetings

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LED display has a unique advantage, it has high brightness, can be spliced and so on. The continuous breakthrough and maturity of the small pitch technology makes the picture clearer and the color reproduction more beautiful. LED displays can be spliced and wide-angled to meet the needs of larger and higher level conferences.

The constant integration of the Internet of Things on the Internet connects isolated display terminals, enabling people to interact with the screen to visualize sound, images and video.

The advantages of the led display make the small LED spacing play an important role in the intelligent conference display terminal. Many LED screen companies have seen the blue ocean of smart meetings.