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Display jitter troubleshooting
May 24, 2018

The monitor refresh rate is set too low: When the refresh rate of the monitor is set below 75Hz, the screen will often appear flickering and flickering. Adjust the refresh rate appropriately. For example, if the setting is higher than 85Hz, the screen jitter phenomenon will not be normal. appear.

The power transformer is too close to the monitor and chassis: The power transformer can cause large electromagnetic interference during operation, causing screen jitter. Therefore, do not place power transformers in close proximity to the chassis and monitor.

Poor power supply or power supply equipment has been deteriorated: Many poor quality computer power supplies can easily cause the computer's poor circuit or power supply to fail. When the system is busy, the display screen jitter may occur. In addition, if the computer's power equipment is aging, it can easily cause the same problem.

The speaker is placed too close to the monitor: The magnetic field effect generated by the speaker can interfere with the normal operation of the monitor, causing the monitor to produce magnetic disturbances such as screen jitter and crosstalk.

Virus causes: Some computer viruses can disturb the screen display, such as: character inversion, screen jitter, graphic flip display, etc. The screen jittering script that can be seen everywhere on the Internet is enough to allow users to behave like a cow after the move.

Video card issue: The monitor's display is closely related to the video card. The computer's screen is faulty. Consider whether it is caused by the video card. For example, the video card is in poor contact.