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Black screen fault repair
May 24, 2018

When the computer is turned on, no images appear after a few minutes. At this point, you should first check whether the power indicator on the display panel is lit. If it is not bright, check whether the monitor's power plug is connected. If the power cord is plugged in properly (to ensure that the power outlet has power, you can try a jack for a change), and the power switch is on, but the display indicator is off, indicating that the internal circuit of the monitor is faulty, you should send it at this time Special maintenance department repairs.

If the power indicator of the monitor is on, the computer should be restarted and the main unit's indicator light should be turned on. If there is a "click" sound in the main unit. If it says that the computer has started normally. At this time, check whether the signal cable of the monitor and the host computer is normal, whether the 15-pin D-type plug connected to the host is loose, and whether the pin in the plug is broken, defective or short. If the connection is normal, there is something wrong with the monitor and it should be repaired.

Energy-saving display will automatically work in the corresponding state and mode according to the line and field synchronization signal sent by the host. The indicator on the panel also indicates the corresponding state. Normally flashing orange - off or sleep, orange - suspended, yellow - waiting, green - normal display.

When the monitor is blank, after careful inspection is not a problem with the host computer, it is better not to power the monitor continuously or for a long time so as to prevent the failure from expanding.