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Super HD Series P1.6 led display - 6.7SQM

Super HD Series Ph3 LED display - 20SQM

Super HD Ph2.5 LED display

Super HD Series P3 LED screen


46SQM Ph16 Outdoor LED Display

Double side Totem Ph8 Outdoor LED

Full Front service P8 Outdoor 12SQM

OF Series P6 Outdoor -12SQM

Ph6 Indoor front access led display 8

OF series P10 led display outdoor

OF Series Ph3.9 led display

OF Series Ph16 led display 75.5SQM

OF Series Ph20 led display 22SQM


OF Series Ph10 outdoor front access

IF Series P10 led display 55SQM

OF Series P6 outdoor LED Box - 10

IF series PH3 led display - 20.7SQM

OF Series Ph10 led display - 29SQM

OF Series Ph10 led display - 13.8SQM

OF Series P10 led display- 282SQM

IF Series P10 led display - 26SQM







20.5SQM P10 Indoor - IF Series

102.4m P16 Outdoor Perimeter led

Sport Stadium Ph16 Outdoor LED

Sport Stadium Ph10 Outdoor LED

Sport Stadium P20 Outdoor LED

Ph16 Outdoor perimeter led display

Sport Stadium Series Ph10 led display

IF Series P10 stadium front service led

Sport stadium Series Ph16 led display

Sport stadium + OF Series Ph16 led

Sport stadium Series P10 led display

Sport Stadium Series Ph10 led display

33.3SQM P3.9mm Indoor -R500 Series

25SQM P3.9 Indoor -R1000

Nationtional Day - Ph3.91 Indoor LED display 7.5x3m

Live Concerts - Ph6.25 Outdoor LED

Audi Q5 conference - Ph3.91 Indoor

R500 Series Ph10 led display 96SQM

R1000 Series Ph3.9 LED display

R500 Series Ph6 led display -

R500 Series Ph3.9 led display -

R500 Series P6 Led display - 66SQM

R1000 Series P6 led display - 260SQM

R500 Series P3.9 LED screen Car exhibition

R500 P3.9 Stage Rental LED screen- 120SQM

R500 Series P6 led display - 6SQM

R500 Series P6 Indoor party rental