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P3 Indoor Full-color LED Display

P3 Indoor Full-color LED Display

LEDventure P3 indoor color LED display screen: high resolution: can perfect performance of high-definition picture quality and delicate color, to a certain extent and liquid crystal comparable. Long life: LEDventure optoelectronics selects high quality luminous components as the core material of the......
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LEDventure P3 indoor color LED display screen: 

High resolution: it can show perfect performance of high-definition picture quality and delicate color, to a certain extent and liquid crystal comparable.

Long life: LEDventure optoelectronics selects high quality luminous components as the core material of the display screen and adopts its own circuit board design, which guarantees the service life of the product fundamentally.


Wide angle of view: the wide angle of view of 160 °is consistent with the height of each luminous tube, and there are larger visual angles in both horizontal and vertical, which is suitable for the environment with wide horizontal distribution and large height drop.

Stable performance: LEDventure unique treatment of the electromagnetic wave resistance of the display screen, which has been stable in the other display screen is an important technology. Using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, the reliability and stability are higher.
Good smoothness: using our patent mask ink color consistent, so that the entire display screen high contrast; good flatness, soft fingers without protruding.

High-quality material selection: high-quality full-color LED display special chip design, with small packaging, high brightness, large angle, anti-static and other characteristics.
Real time broadcast: can support DVI,HDMI,3G/HD/SD three speed SDI high definition display mode, suitable for TV video programs, VCD or DVD and live indoor places.

Convenient maintenance: we use modular design to make installation and maintenance more convenient, can live maintenance;

High quality material selection: adopt imported luminous material, high quality IC chip, noise free high power supply; whole screen no noise, low power consumption, can be used in the temperature range of -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃.
No format restrictions: for format, the user can arrange the display mode at will; can display text, charts, images, animation, video information; and the amount of information displayed is not limited;
Asynchronous compatibility: can support both synchronous control and asynchronous control; even in the control of the computer failure, can still display normal play.
Three protective coatings: protect the circuit board and its related equipment from the erosion of the bad environment; have good resistance to high and low temperature; its curing into a layer of transparent protective film, with excellent insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shockproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, Anti-aging, Corona resistance and other properties.


Shock proof test: before shipment, the body is tested to eliminate the connection of box screw wire; to ensure that the display screen after long-distance transportation, no poor contact, suitable for long-distance transportation.


P3 indoor full-color LED display

Pixel spacing


Pixel density

111111 dots

Lamp bead configuration


Lamp tube similarity


Viewing angle

 160 °



Driving mode

1 / 16 scan

grey scale

grey 16384

Refresh frequency


repetition frequency


brightness control


Module size


Module resolution

64 * 64

working voltage


 mean power


maximum power


Maintenance mode

Front and back maintenance

IP grade


Operating temperature / humidity

Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ humidity: 10~90%RH

Storage temperature / humidity

Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ humidity: 10~90%RH

Working life (h)