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P10 Waterproof High Brightness LED Display

P10 Waterproof High Brightness LED Display

P 10 outdoor full color LED display screen is mainly used for outdoor high density screen display, waterproof, wind-proof and dustproof....
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Features of P10 Outdoor led display

  Magnetic suction structure, pre-maintenance convenience leopard is the world's first true sense of the pre-maintenance LED small-spacing products. Maintenance tool suction module, horizontal pull out, 3 seconds can be unloaded, convenient and fast. Any module, power supply, receiving card can be maintained from the front. The whole box can be installed before the installation, the front maintenance wall installation LED small spacing solution, no maintenance channels, LED display can be installed close to the wall. The module adopts magnetic absorption structure, it can be removed and installed quickly from the box body, and the speed is 5 times faster than that of the ordinary box body in the market. Hang wall fixed installation, direct use of the old structure, perfect replacement of LCD, time and labor saving. 16:9 perfect proportion, 4 boxes into 55 inches, can use the original LCD video source. Double backup of power supply, system card and head socket, double signal input, automatic detection of signal integrity. When a power supply failure occurs, the other signal automatically intervene to ensure that the LED screen works properly. Top and both sides hidden handle design, single-handed easy to extract the box. Box around with anti-leakage strip, so that Stitching is more perfect. Extreme precision, die-cast aluminum box, perfect seamless, alignment slot positioning pin design, foolproof.

P10 outdoor led display high protection, dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant

  pecial outdoor independent waterproof module and excellent sealing waterproof box, do not have to worry about water vapor erosion screen unique mask design, dustproof, waterproof and corrosion proof, protection grade to IP65.

Super high resolution, bright color

  With the breakthrough of outdoor small spacing, the outdoor screen is becoming larger and larger, the resolution of the whole screen reaches a higher level, so it can more perfect performance of high-definition picture quality and rich color.

Energy saving and environmental protection, high performance-price ratio

  The luminescent material of led display screen itself belongs to energy saving product. It is equipped with special constant-current drive, energy-saving IC and high conversion power supply, and the brightness can be automatically adjusted.

Ultra wide angle of view

  120 °wide angle of view, super wide angle of view, view position as you wish.

High uniformity to relieve eye fatigue

  The wavelength deviation can be controlled at ±2nm, the consistency of chroma and brightness can reach 99mm, the smoothness ±0.1mm, and the splicing gap < 0.2mm, so that the color uniformity and consistency are excellent.

Seamless splicing

  Finished standard box body, there is no obvious gap between the box body.

P10 Outdoor led display Application Environment

  Education and publicity: campus area, training institutions and other interactive systems. Public places: information reality in airports, railways, subways, highways, libraries, museums, shopping malls, etc. Business presentations: television studios, large-scale performances and commercial exhibitions, hotel lobbies, enterprises and institutions, and so on. Government departments: convenient publicity, business guidelines, public affairs, and so on.

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