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LED Floor Tile Screen

LED Floor Tile Screen

As a digital floor display product, LED floor tile screen series adopts rigid and durable die casting structure, high wear resistance resin mask, which can be directly trampled on the ground. It has been certified by IP68 protection grade by using integral closed design. The modular design of quick disassembly and assembly makes installation and maintenance easy and easy. This product can cooperate with virtual software and interactive software technology in application and can have extremely powerful application function to create extraordinary simulation effect....
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                    System technical characteristics      

1. Modular structure to realize seamless splicing





2、Simple structure design, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to maintain, high strength wear-resistant anti-skid fabric (or atomized frosted glass) can be trampled directly




3、Close to the closed heat dissipation structure, IP65 protection grade has the light spot atomization treatment, eliminate the molarity phenomenon

4、13bit above the grayscale processing, high brightness, clear, lifelike, high up to 3500cd/, using high quality 3 and 1 patch lamp, big luminous angle, clear picture, good viewing effect, color rich, variety of display mode (graphics, text, etc.) 3D, 2D animation, TV, etc.)


5、Using VGA synchronization technology, the display content of the screen is synchronized with the computer, and the change of the display content is simple and convenient.



6、Support for multi-window flexible playback software and interactive software


7、Bearing capacity: a single box can carry 1, 300 kg, 2.5 tons of load per square meter, with a safety factor of up to 3 times.



8、Large screen, super vision, high brightness, long life, novel and unique application occasions are mainly used in indoor, outdoor, government building hall, enterprise and institution hall square, exhibition hall, stage, party scene bar, The stair decoration of shopping mall public place, catwalk, arc and stair shape, can be afraid of, can be used for fixed installation also can be used for leasing